$35 Flat Rate Lockouts Baton Rouge,LA (225) 907-1231

After 6 Locksmith-$35 Lockout Services

Car and Home Lockout services ONLY $35 in Baton Rouge

Louisiana State License F1903, Insured, Bonded, 18 Years experience

Louisiana Requires Locksmiths to be licensed-Ask for proof before you hire a locksmith!

Open 10am-10pm Monday-Saturday 225-367-1891 or 225-907-1231

Louisiana State License F-1903

*FREE when a child is locked inside*  Must be within East Baton Rouge City Limits For $35.00 Cash Price-*Credit Card Fee $5*,

$35 opens one lock, $10 each additional lock, opened at the same location

Good for residential tenet or owner occupied house, or vehicle owner only

Over 18 years experience with no damage, professional lock openings-Call on Us Today!

If you have a car lock-out emergency in Baton Rouge, our company is standing by to help you right now. We are the only company offering lockout services  like ours, at the prices nearly anyone can afford. We know it's already frustrating enough being locked out, so why not call the cheapest, best priced lockout service in Baton Rouge and save money with our reliable professionalservices the very first call out? Why take chances on your door locks or car windows being broken by a company who makes yousign a blank invoice or damage waiver before popping a lock on your car? Hire an experienced, local and trusted Baton Rouge company. We can handle nearly any automotive lock problem you might encounter. Our Baton Rouge lockout services are available until10pm, with no gimmicks, extra fees or over time rates. We are professionally trained to handle any car lockout situation you may encounter. When you need a reliable, experienced company in Baton Rouge and when you're locked out of your car call us to do the job, because we are here to help you. We give attention to address you're immediate needs for our professional timely lockout services. We offer damage free car door unlocking on all makes and models of vehicles-call us right now! Why take chances with inexperienced lockout guy, or some company you never heard of?  We started the whole $35 low price lockout sensation in Baton Rouge-We have not changed our price since we opened our doors to serve customers like you back in 2007, when we first offered a low affordable lockout services discount to students. 

Call the ONLY locksmith company in Baton Rouge who sends out a master, state licensed professional to every call out at the same low price (225) 907-1231

We have over 16 years of experience in all phases of automotive lock work, we are insured, bonded and certified locked out experts-There is no better choice than After 6 Locksmith, because we send out a licensed master professional, to each and every call out. What happens when your car keys might be lost? Call on us, no matter what situation you are in to be sure you get a competent professional locksmith in Baton Rouge the very first time you call.