So what can you do when your ignition lock or door lock stops working correctly? What can you do with a broken key problem? If you try and glue a key or remote back together, it will not work. Improperly repaired keys stuck together with glue or tape only prolong the issue you are having. Imagine getting glue inside the ignition, door lock or trunk lock. Glue inside any lock is an invitation for a lock replacement. Our company can repair locks and keys at a fraction of the cost of a lock replacement in most cases. Do not try and repair a car lock yourself before calling a qualified locksmith. Do not spray lubricant inside of the ignition lock. Doing this can potentially damage the delicate electronic boards and wires inside the column or dash where the lock is located. Do not attempt to start your vehicle without the transponder attached to the key blade. Doing this, especially on a Honda or Nissan vehicle can cause immobilizer lockout, resulting in a costly dealership visit in some cases. Call out our professional, licensed locksmith instead; we give free telephone estimates so you know exactly what it will cost before we arrive on site to help you.