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Key-less Entry-Does My Car Truck or SUV have this? How can I tell?

Posted by Lynn Chambers on Monday, October 20, 2014
All vehicles are issued a 16 digit code called a Vehicle Identification Number from the factory regardless of company, year or country of origin. Most car dealers can use this information provided by the customer to obtain information that might not be obvious to the vehicles' owner. One of these not so obvious things might be the features the vehicle was assigned when it was manufactured by the car maker. For example, key-less entry might have been installed from the vehicle and one car remote might have made it into the hands of the original owner. If the vehicle was traded, purchased at an auction or by some other means such as a bank reposition, one would not have necessarily obtained the factory original car remotes. Or the remotes may no longer work, and need to be replaced. By calling us and providing your VIN number we can inform our customers if the their vehicle has key-less entry as a standard feature installed for the particular year make and model of car truck or SUV they currently own. This narrows the chances of wasting your time or ours; you already have a knowledge of key-less entry being a standard feature, and we know our car remotes are guaranteed to program or you do not pay for them. Call us today with your VIN!

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