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Honda or Acura Ignition Change, Key Problems, ECM replacement-Read This!

Posted by Lynn Chambers on Saturday, March 1, 2014 Under: Automotive Locksmith Blog
Did your vehicle ignition recently need to be replaced or changed on an Acura or Honda vehicle made after 2003? Be sure that your mechanic also changed the plastic hub around the face of the ignition lock. There are two plastic connectors and an FCC Label on the transponder based ignition portion of the ignition lock housing. This part is called the immobilizer control unit receiver, and allows transfer of information from the vehicles' key to the vehicles ECM. Make sure you transfer the old portion of this plastic transponder ring to the newly installed mechanical portion of the ignition lock. Failure to do so will render the new key, that goes to the new ignition, "invisible" by the vehicles computer, and keys cannot be re-programmed back into the vehicles computer.
Other HONDA cars:
1998-2000 Accord and Civic-All keys lost. A red and a black master keys must be obtained along with having the ECM re-flashed for new keys to be programmed and cut to cars' key code. Re-flashing the ECM (Engine Control Module) will effectively kill all the data in the transponder system in the car so that the car will accept the 2 new master keys back into the cars' sytem allowing it to start once the keys are cut properly, and programmed to the specific car.
2000-2002 Honda Civic, Accord security light comes on when a previously programmed key is inserted into the ignition, but the light does not go out, or allow the car to start. Diagnostic Computer attached to vehicles' OBD Port resets the immobilizer light and re-programs the key, but as soon as the key is reinserted into the ignition, the immobilizer light comes back on and the car still will not start. Try looking at the two wire connector on the ignition housing for broken wires. If that checks good, the ECM module or immobilizer control unit is faulty. In replacing the ECM module, a Honda Dealer tool (HDT) will be needed to sync the new ECM with the vehicle keys and ignition module to allow the vehicle to start. No other programmer available at this time for locksmiths or mechanics.
What if the car alarm goes off, and there's no remote to reset alarm? Turn the key left to right in the driver's side door several times to reset factory installed car alarm system.Here at After 6 Locksmith we sell OEM Honda remotes too.
Call on After 6 Locksmith for all your re-programming, key erasing, and electronic key programming needs. Programming a customer provided key is only $50.00. We also sell Honda remote head keys which can take the place of the mechanical door key if your new ignition was not re-keyed to the existing locks. Our remote head Honda keys are only $99.00 Call (225) 907-1231 to schedule an appointment today.

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