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Buying Electronic vehicle keys on Ebay and Amazon

Posted by Lynn Chambers on Thursday, April 21, 2016 Under: Automotive Locksmith Blog
If you are in the market for a spare key for your automobile, check with a locksmith first on what type of keys are best for your vehicle. Truly, sometimes a good deal is just that; a good deal. Often times, we think we can buy almost anything online on shopping sites like Ebay and Amazon. While there are some good deals to be had, electronic car keys are too important an item to buy used, or worse, China imports. Many of the keys on Ebay and Amazon are re-purposed to look and seem new, while the electronic boards inside are, in the best scenario, actually re-furbished and unlocked. While others may be China knock offs. In the case of the knock offs, the electronic boards inside are limited in function, may only last a week or two or even a few months, while a re-furbished OEM board will last many years, functioning as new. While some sellers on Ebay and Amazon might be selling good keys, only reputable locksmiths and car dealers can be certain to be actually sell new OEM or re-furbished new OEM keys and remotes. Buy local, and be sure to pay only once to get your keys programmed. No locksmith or dealer will guarantee keys will program or last any length of time without you also having purchased the product from their business. After 6 Locksmith guarantees all key and car remotes we sell up to six months with normal use, to be free from defects, excluding remote batteries.

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