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Broken Car Key? Broken Remote? Call After 6 Locksmith

Posted by Lynn Chambers on Tuesday, January 28, 2014 Under: Automotive Locksmith Blog
Broken remote? Broken electronic smart key? Broken car key? We can help! Just like the pictures below, sometimes you only need the housing of a key, also known as a key shell. Most shells cost only $25, and key cutting will cost an additional $25.00. So, for only $50 you could replace your seemingly broken or damaged key for a fraction of the cost of a replacement key. You might ask, what if the key or remote doesn't work at all? Call us for a free quote, it's that simple.
Most electronic keys will start to have problems very early on and ignoring the problem will only make it worse. Why wait until it completely falls apart and wait until nothing can be done to save the plastic parts still left in the old key? Most remotes, electronic keys and key fobs have a circuit board in them which is quite delicate and if care is not taken to avoid dropping or further damaging an already worn out key, you could find yourself stuck with no working key at all.
Key fobs or "fobiks" as they are called by locksmiths and car dealers, are used as a remote and an electronic key for Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep vehicles from 2007 to 2013. They often will start the vehicle, but the remote portion of the key will no longer lock or unlock the car. Or they will lock and unlock the vehicle, but will no longer start the vehicle. You could try carefully replacing the battery, and in some cases this might work but in others it will not.At that point you may find yourself needing a brand new key, which can be expensive. Purchasing a fobik online from an unknown supplier halfway across the country or even the world is really not a good idea, no matter how cheap the price seems to be at the time. Many places will sell you used and pre-programmed remotes and keys which will not program to any other vehicle once they have been used. Why take a chance on used parts you will only have to return, and still you will have to pay the person who shows up to program your used key, or worse after having it towed to a dealer, costing you even more time and frustration when your used key cannot be re-used and you have to purchase a dealer key ($300) plus towing costs?
Save money, time and frustration! Call After 6 Locksmith instead-we only use new original parts, give a warranty on all parts and services, and program each and every car remote and electronic FREE when you purchase them from our local company. We special order many keys and parts for customers everyday, and we know what we're selling and stand behind all of our parts. Call Us Today! (225) 907-1231

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