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After 6 Locksmith 225-907-1231
Louisiana State License # F1903-Louisiana Requires ALL Locksmiths to be licensed-Ask before you hire!

Need a professional car locksmith? Lost your spare vehicle key? Call our automotive locksmith!
Need a broken or damaged vehicle key replaced?
Need a locksmith for cars? Have a question about a replacement car key
Lost car keys? Locked out of your car? We can help!

Buying EBay or Amazon Auto Remotes or Auto Keys? 
 We're happy to program them for you, please read the tips below before you order any keys online:

If We do not have the key or remote you need in stock please order your keys and remotes online in NEW condition. Used keys once programming has been done, cannot be re-used on another vehicle most of the time. This is especially true on EBay and Amazon.
All Proximity Keys, smart keys, push start keys, Honda keys, Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep keys, Toyota keys and many others cannot be recycled as New once used on another automobile. We charge a minimum of $60 service call to come out and program any key or automotive remote not provided and sold by us. Programming of vehicle keys and automotive remotes can be done on almost any car, truck or SUV on the road today by a qualified locksmith professional. New and Unlocked condition remotes and keys have a 98% success rate of programming. Stay away from listings with Used or New 'Other' Condition listed. Read the description before buying! Questions? Call us before you buy your keys online or go here: Midwest Keyless online website. Although we are not affiliated with Midwest Keyless, hundreds of past customers have ordered through this seller on Ebay and we have had zero problems in the past programming their keys and remotes. They also accept phone orders but charge for shipping if not bought on Ebay.

 Angie's List "A" Rated locksmith in Baton Rouge
Winner of 2014, 2015, 2016 Angie's List Super Service Awards
Transponder car keys, vehicle proximity keys, key fobs, fobiks, car clickers, Smart car keys, high security car keys, car key repairs.
. We continue to be the best priced, professional automotive locksmith in Baton Rouge. Check our online reviews-Angie's List where companies cant write their own reviews or pay to have negative reviews removed.

Call Us before you allow someone to change your ignition lock-Most vehicles can have their lost car keys replaced without the ignition lock being replaced. Replacing an ignition lock should only be done by a qualified locksmith, as damages to the steering column and airbags can be caused by an inexperienced person doing an unnecessary ignition lock replacement,  when original replacement keys can and should be generated instead. Why carry two different keys? What if the ignition lock is not bad, but the ignition key is worn out? Call on us and save money while getting the job done correctly the first time.

Lost keys replaced? Replacement vehicle keys? Spare car keys? Transponder car keys? 

Electronic Key Fobs, Nissan/Infinity Smart Keys, car remotes, key fobs, RV keys and motorcycle keys made. Free Programming key cutting and delivery on site in EBR included in our low prices with purchase from After 6 Locksmith

No Hidden Charge, No Extra Fees, No Emergency Prices, No Made Up Costs-Work done by State Licensed Master Locksmith

We specialize in emergency locksmith and after hours automotive locksmith services for customers needing an experienced, reliable and trustworthy company right here in Baton Rouge, La. We make replacement car keys, smart vehicle keys, for nearly any vehicle on the road today including fleet vehicles, rental cars and trucks, moving trucks and vans, buses, motorcycles, ATV's, RV's, semi-trucks, cars, trucks, vans, SUV's and many more. We can duplicate transponder car keys, make original car keys for your vehicle when all car keys are lostprovide vehicle and car door unlocking services and much more, all at unbeatable prices and were open Monday-Saturday. Our prices never go up nights, weekends or holidays, as we offer flat rates, professional auto locksmith services and free total price telephone estimates, right here in Baton Rouge

We can program nearly any vehicle transponder key, key-less entry car remotes, car remotes, keyless remotes, car keyless remotes, key fobs, Mitsubishi keys, Nissan keys, Lexus key repair, Honda key repair, and new proximity keys we have you covered, with our very affordable prices. W
e can help with replacement transponder car keys, key-less entry car remotes, key-less entry car clickers, Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge key fobs, key-less entry car remotes along with any replacement programming needed to your vehicle on site with any car key or key-less remote. Have a key code, transponder key, or electronic car key, proximity key or smart key from the dealership and just need it programmed? We can help you right now! Do you need a Baton Rouge automotive locksmith to extract a broken car key and make another? Lost car key fob? Have you broken off a key in your ignition or door lock? Ignition key won't turn off when it is in park? Transponder car keys and key-less entry remote programming and automotive locksmith services available for almost any vehicle on the road today, just give us a call for a free telephone estimate from our automotive locksmith professional.


We do not guarantee programming success on any keys we do not directly sell and provide to the customer. Purchase an unopened sealed dealer key to receive full warranty and service guarantee. Full price is charged on labor each time we arrive and program customer provided keys. And we will only guarantee successful programming with sealed OEM dealership keys. We charge full non-refundable price for labor in all other cases (Ebay keys etc.). 

Call or Text for The Latest Prices and Information! 

Programming of any key-less entry car remotes, transponder car key purchased elsewhere not supplied by us-$60 

Smart Key programming-Call for prices

Duplicate Transponder Car Key-Does Not include High Security Keys, does include delivery and programming in Baton Rouge City limits.

High Security duplicate keys- Acura, Honda, Chevy, Buick, Lexus etc.

Honda Keys (CRV, Pilot, Civic, Accord, etc) With remote and key blade, includes programming, and key duplication,delivery in EBR

Programming of vehicle transponder key or car remote-Price Includes up to two keys and two remotes old or new, same vehicle

Transponder Car Key Replacement Free onsite programming, key cutting and delivery in EBR with purchase

Key Fobiks, and Key Fobs-Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep Includes Free Programming

All New Proximity Smart Keys (Push To Start) for Nissan and Infinity Include Free vehicle programming

Non-Transponder Car Keys-Includes On Site Delivery and services to your vehicle

Motorcycle Keys Made Includes On Site services to your vehicle 

Dodge,Chrysler,Jeep Key Fobik Programming

Remote Head Keys With built in key blade, Key-less entry car remotes for Toyota, Chrysler, Ford, GM, Dodge, Honda & More

+++We service Denham Springs, Alsen, Baker, Zachary, Central, Port Allen, Brusly areas for an additional charge+++

We make keys for many types of cars, RV's, ATV's, trucks, SUVs and motorcycles including:

Honda, Suzuki, Ducati, Yamaha, Harley Davidson, Kawasaki, Mazda, Mitsubishi, GMC, GM, Hummer, Pontiac, Saturn, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick, Toyota, Dawoo, Subaru, Mack, Isuzu, Freightliner, Kenilworth, International, Ford, Mercury, Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler, Lincoln, Nissan, Infinity, Range Rover, Acura, KIA, and Hyundai vehicle keys and remotes copied, cloned, originated and programmed. Our Baton Rouge locksmith is well versed in emergency automotive locksmith services for vehicles with over 18 years of experience. Did we mention we are open late to help you? In many cases vehicle and car locks can have keys originated, copied, extracted and repaired by our locksmith as needed. You would not need to have your ignition drilled out when you lost all your keys, unless it is actually defective, or broken beyond normal repair. In many many cases we can simply create a new ignition or door key for you. 

Notice: We make no guarantee on successful vehicle key or vehicle remote programming to a customer vehicles. Dead batteries prevent us from programming vehicle keys. In some cases, the vehicles OBD port may be bad, a blown PCM fuse or even a bad computer will make key programming an absolute impossibility unless the car is repaired by a mechanic first. In some cases customer provided keys and remotes may not match manufacturers requirements, wrong FCC number, or the key or car remote may have a damaged board or dead battery. This is especially true on vehicles with low battery voltage, older high security keys and remotes, and vehicles which have not been started in more than one month. Please fully charge your vehicle battery before contacting us. We can and will do our best to program your vehicle key, but if programming is not successful, we reserve the right to charge the full quoted price, with no discounts or refunds, and advise the customer on how to repair the vehicle before key or remote programming will be successful.

Please call us for a price quote on purchasing keys from us before buying them from Ebay or Amazon. What might seem like a good deal at first on Ebay, will not be covered under warranty by us in the event your key or remote stops working.You may wind up wasting extra money on programming, if we have to come out again after your initial purchase on that "good deal" on Ebay or Amazon. Further, most keys and remotes once used, cannot be re-used on a different vehicle. In this case, buying used electronic keys online will not reprogram to your vehicle. We guarantee all keys, remotes and services we provide to our customers. If it stops working while under warranty, and we provided it, we will replace it free of charge.

Car ignition won't turn off or start? Some GM and Ford ignitions may have a problem with the ignition locking up on the car, especially many GM in dash ignitions-Try the following fix: (Note: We assume no responsibility if you break your steering column, keys or any other damage to the vehicle, ignition, or keys during this fix; do it gently!) Hold the shift in place and try turning the ignition key off at the same time while your foot is on the brake pedal. You may also check if the steering wheel is locked; rock the wheel gently left and right first while turning your key. If this works, a new ignition will not solve the problem, there may be a problem with the shift linkage, or the steering column might need repairs. In some Dodge vehicles, there is actually a safety mechanism when something goes wrong with the steering column or front end which keeps the key from turning on. If you tried this fix and it did not work, and the key simply will not turn to the off position, then the ignition housing plug in the rear of the ignition lock might be damaged or worn out. A new ignition is definitely needed in a case like that. Our automotive locksmiths will re-key the new ignition to your existing key whenever possible. Not doing so will render the original key code assigned to your vehicle from the factory, completely useless in the event you lose your car keys again. This makes the key making process a difficult and often costly venture when extra labor is needed to replace an ignition key for your vehicle. Replacement ignitions when a key is available, is an easy task for an experienced like After 6 Locksmith.